This is the longest piece I’ve ever written so far, including both original works and fanfiction, and I’m just so proud of myself for finishing the thing since I always have trouble finishing anything at all. Ten thousand words! It’s not a huge number or anything, but I’m pretty sure the longest story I’ve written so far before this one is only 3k or 4k words. Of course I don’t expect this to be the best short story ever. I still lack a lot of skills and practice. The plot for trance can definitely be elaborated into a full-fledged novella, but all in all, I hope I did at least a mediocre job and was able to execute the plot somewhat decently with a tolerable pace in this 10k-word short story.

Thank you BTS for being an endless source of inspiration, and martini for supporting me along the way. Without you, this work wouldn’t have been possible.

Summary: Namin has been going on long train trips with his two best friends because for some reason, that is the only time he can meet them.

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Lost and Found

A story I wrote for a class a while ago. I’m kind of not very satisfied with it (when is a writer ever satisfied with their work, anyway), the writing style, the character development, and especially how I executed the plot, but I also think it’s bigger than the page limit – I wanted to pack too much in there. I should really try to make smaller stories; they’re slightly easier to work with when I have a schedule as tight as a college schedule and more manageable for proofreading, and I’ll learn to avoid lengthy prose and unnecessary details. But anyhow, here it is.

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I don’t believe in love at first sight, nor do I believe in a happy ending. But you seem to have magically turned us into a movie, because when I first saw you I couldn’t help but fall deep into the hollow universe of your eyes. It was then that I knew I belonged to no other places. I was infatuated, obsessed, with every wicked detail about you. The hell you went through for the sake of your beloveds, the clumsy act you put on to protect yourself, the forceful smile you use to comfort those who care about you, the vile identity you struggle to hide- you appear to be my perfect significance. A monster disguised as a human, and a human suppressed by a monster.

We’re not so different, would you say?

Psychology says the more you have in common, the more intimacy there is in your relationship. Looking at us, do you think we have a chance? You are a starless galaxy screaming for illumination, while I have sunk so far down into the underworld nothing else seems equally dim. Maybe that’s what draws me to you; maybe opposites don’t magnetize each other; maybe no light is quite sufficient to fill the great void in my soul; and so to the pitch-black hallway of your being I feel myself attracted.