“COME BACK HOME” and cool things

Disclaimer: This isn’t a thorough analysis or doesn’t come close to an analysis of the “COME BACK HOME” MV at all! Just a compilation of things I noticed and thought were cool, so it’ll be a little bit of this and that (but I hope not too disorganized to follow). Also, I’m not familiar with Seo Taiji, so I’m reading into this MV as it is, and have only watched Seo Taiji’s 15th Anniversary MV a couple of times. In other words, I’ve mostly decontextualized the MV during the observation process except towards the end when I shift my focus to BTS~

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Quick thoughts on Demian & WINGS short films

My overall thought on the book (aka my review on Goodreads): Reading Demian was surprisingly taxing despite the length, the simple plot, and relatively straightforward philosophy. I had to stop for a bit after each chapter, and could only do two chapters in one sitting, because it’s such an emotionally, intellectually loaded text that I physically couldn’t keep on reading it for an extended period of time. Sometimes I dreaded returning to the book out of sheer fear of asphyxiation. Nevertheless, I persisted, managed to finish it, and am glad that I did. It’s sort of your regular coming-of-age story, with an ordinary protagonist who struggles to be himself amidst a world that tries to mold him out of a predetermined figure of a “respectable participant of society” (read: capitalism), but the package also comes with a twist. An intricate, philosophical, poetic exploration of developmental psychology, with an emphasis on adolescence and discovering and maintaining the self, Demian tries to reach the most profound root of this inner conflict, and has perhaps succeeded in transcribing the inner war many young people face when growing up, to the point where it got too real, too raw at times I had to put down the book. I’ve never suffered in such a way while reading a book before, but I guess it’s all good, since I truly enjoyed Demian.

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Touya Akira & Weird Feels

I planned only to post serious things on this blog, but sometimes when I read the posts here I get scared by my own seriousness. In reality, I’m just an airhead who laughs at their own jokes before other people do. Not that anyone reads this blog, but anyway, to have a change of air, why don’t I talk about Touya Akira from Hikaru no Go, the manga that got me feeling super weird recently.

Also, before I get into more serious business (not that this post is all that serious), I just realize that with the exception of Kaneki Ken, I’m attracted to fictional men who are very invested in other fictional men. Akira Touya, Kaworu Nagisa, Levi Ackerman, Okita Sougo, Kaito Kuroba, and so on. And they’re all intense in their own ways, too. What does that say about me? Go figure.

Back to the topic of Akira, though. Excuse me if this is poorly written and horribly incoherent – the feels are messing me up right now.

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