Touya Akira & Weird Feels

I planned only to post serious things on this blog, but sometimes when I read the posts here I get scared by my own seriousness. In reality, I’m just an airhead who laughs at their own jokes before other people do. Not that anyone reads this blog, but anyway, to have a change of air, why don’t I talk about Touya Akira from Hikaru no Go, the manga that got me feeling super weird recently.

Also, before I get into more serious business (not that this post is all that serious), I just realize that with the exception of Kaneki Ken, I’m attracted to fictional men who are very invested in other fictional men. Akira Touya, Kaworu Nagisa, Levi Ackerman, Okita Sougo, Kaito Kuroba, and so on. And they’re all intense in their own ways, too. What does that say about me? Go figure.

Back to the topic of Akira, though. Excuse me if this is poorly written and horribly incoherent – the feels are messing me up right now.

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Pairing: Phan.

Genre: drabble.

Summary: “I was imitating a fight scene off this anime I watched and accidentally hit you in the face.”

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withering words

Fandom: Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Pairing: KawoShin.

Genre: drabble.

Summary: I love you. I miss you. I need to remember you. Your words carry a weight much greater than any machine, but I’m willing to bear them, so long as I don’t forget you.

A things-you-said series, Shinji’s side. Prompts taken from the first six ones in here (with one tiny adjustment to one of them).

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I don’t believe in love at first sight, nor do I believe in a happy ending. But you seem to have magically turned us into a movie, because when I first saw you I couldn’t help but fall deep into the hollow universe of your eyes. It was then that I knew I belonged to no other places. I was infatuated, obsessed, with every wicked detail about you. The hell you went through for the sake of your beloveds, the clumsy act you put on to protect yourself, the forceful smile you use to comfort those who care about you, the vile identity you struggle to hide- you appear to be my perfect significance. A monster disguised as a human, and a human suppressed by a monster.

We’re not so different, would you say?

Psychology says the more you have in common, the more intimacy there is in your relationship. Looking at us, do you think we have a chance? You are a starless galaxy screaming for illumination, while I have sunk so far down into the underworld nothing else seems equally dim. Maybe that’s what draws me to you; maybe opposites don’t magnetize each other; maybe no light is quite sufficient to fill the great void in my soul; and so to the pitch-black hallway of your being I feel myself attracted.

Ask box meme (Dan & Phil Edition)

Summary: Dan and Phil have a random interview about their domestic life.

Note: Just a fun idea I had when seeing all the ask box memes. As you can tell, this will be very dialogue-heavy, so I hope I portrayed their personalities accurately enough!

This takes place under the notion that the fictional “Dan and Phil” in this work have given their consent and affirmed their comfortableness with the questions asked (not actual Dan and Phil). It’s up to the reader to decide if our fictional Dan and Phil are in a relationship in this particular work. All answers are just MY IMAGINATION, and are not to be taken as facts. And just generally don’t take this too seriously.


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